Don "Stick" Starks
Rifle Manufacturing
Don Starks, known throughout the industry as "Stick," has worked as a master machinist for over 35 years. For many of those years he performed all of the machine work on state of the art racing motors. Then 15 years ago he began to building custom rifles. His years of very complex precision machining experience bring solid machinist knowledge to the tricky requirements of building championship rifles. For twelve years Stick worked at SG&Y rifles building many of the guns produced there. Now at S&S Precision Stick continues his long association with master crafted rifles and is ready to design and build a winning rifle for you.

J.D. Sims
J.D. has over 15 years of experience designing, building, reloading and shooting many different standard and wildcat calibers. Every week at the shop he has a new project underway. One week it is a 30 WSSM benchrest rifle and the next week it is a 300 Jarrett for prairie dogs at long range. If you need quality reloading and shooting products JD can guide you in the right direction.

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